Industry-Led Columbus Region Logistics Council and Columbus Chamber Release 2012 Columbus Region Logistics Report

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Report details a thorough analysis of the latest trends in the logistics sector

Columbus, OH – The Columbus Chamber, along with the Columbus Region Logistics Council, today announced the release of its 2012 Columbus Region Logistics Report. In the new report, the Chamber and Council analyze the opportunities and trends in the logistics sector, including employment, workforce, foreign trade, domestic trade and real estate.

Within the 11-county Columbus Region, the more than 80,000 employees in transportation, warehousing and wholesale industries represented a concentration of logistics employment 41 percent greater than logistics share in national employment. Postal codes that have seen concentrated growth included Groveport, near Rickenbacker International Airport, Lockbourne and those along Interstate 70, such as Reynoldsburg, Eastland and West Jefferson. Furthermore, the gains in the Region’s highest-performing postal codes outweighed the losses in the lowest performing areas.

“The report delivers promising news about the logistics industry, which is important, given the influence its growth rate has had on our region,” Michael Dalby, president and CEO, Columbus Chamber, said. “Along with that rate come opportunities for Columbus to become a major domestic and international exporter and for business leaders to plan for expansion within the region.”

Jung Kim, the Columbus Chamber’s research director, included the following highlights in the 2012 Columbus Region Logistics Report:

-From 2001 to 2011, employment in warehousing and storage experienced 65 percent growth, an increase in 5,931 jobs and the largest source of growth within the logistics sector. Truck transportation experienced a gain of 17 percent during same time, adding 2,564 jobs.

-Although the Region is experiencing decreasing seasonal employment in retail, seasonal employment in transportation and warehousing is increasing by an estimated 5-6 percent. The likely cause behind this shift is changes in e-commerce and advantages in logistics.

-Despite sector growth, workforce wages remain competitive against those nationwide. As defined by the confines of the report, the average logistics employee in Columbus earns $15.27 per hour, just 4 percent lower than the U.S. average of $15.88.

-Internationally, the Region has made its mark as a destination for foreign imports, with companies such as Cardinal Health, Limited Brands and Abercrombie & Fitch, all of which have distribution centers in the Region. In 2010, the value of foreign imports arriving to Columbus was $11.3 billion, compared to $4.7 billion in international exports.  

-In 2010, the top five domestic exports from Columbus were pharmaceuticals ($18.0 billion), textiles and leather ($17.4 billion), chemical products ($12.2 billion), motorized vehicles ($12.1 billion) and mixed freight ($11.1 billion).

-Since the first quarter of 2011, the industrial vacancy rate in the Region has steadily decreased from 13.2 percent to 10.0 percent, according to Colliers International.

A full version of the 2012 Columbus Region Logistics Report is available here.

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