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White castle
By Lynn Blashford, White Castle Marketing Director and Branding panelist for the Columbus Chamber Business Summit 

I appreciate the upcoming opportunity to share insights on
“Building A Breakthrough Brand” from White Castle’s perspective. Some people probably think of
“breakthrough” in terms of recent times. For White Castle, we are so fortunate to have built decades of loyal

For years White Castle would receive a multitude of letters
and calls from customers who had such great memories of their experiences with
the brand. Through this outpouring of
stories the Cravers Hall of Fame was born. Since the inception of the annual event in
2001 we have received almost 10,000 letters from Cravers who have gone to great
lengths to satisfy their crave or to share their love of Sliders with family
and friends.    

Just last month we celebrated the induction of 11 more
Cravers. In thinking about our annual
Hall of Fame and its application to the panel discussion topic – for White
Castle it has purely been about listening to our guests and providing them a
forum to share their stories of devotion. We also recognize it is our Cravers who will
continue to build the brand for generations to come.

I look forward to participating in the Business Summit and
learning from all the panelists and speakers.

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